The Origin and Fate of the Death Instinct and its Relationship to Entropy, Language, Civilization and Schizophrenia

So, I’ve stated that THE PURPOSE OF LIFE IS TO DEFY ENTROPY.  This is a proclivity for which some trees have a startlingly boffo organization which allows them to hoist acres of wood skyward against gravity, condense potential energy in their pulp which is released on burning, and avoid any necessity to hunt, kill and eat other organic brethren.  Animals, however, in evolution’s nifty bargain with entropy when it decided to dabble in earth roving reconnaissance buggers, were saddled with the entropic assignment of becoming killing machines, thus gratifying entropy on a level flora have no glam for, and injecting the death instinct within all animals.  So in that sense fauna can never be on the defying end of entropy as much as trees and hence cannot live as lengthy a span on planet earth.   Language allowed us the blasphemy to defy entropy by complexifying our minds, storing potential energy as a tree by forcefully submerging ideation and impulse into an unconscious red balloon which swells over time.  (This is one explanation for the onset of schizophrenia in the late teens and early twenties.  As the contents of the balloon swells, demanding greater and greater heft to subdue, the tendency is for it to burst to the surface as a breaking point is reached during adolescence.)  This gating muscularity was a result of the beefy suppression of dopamine, which also wrangled an enriched ego, brain expansion and progression from thought form 1.0 to the deductive reasoning of Sherlock 2.0.  So, IN ITS DEFIANCE OF ENTROPY LANGUAGE FACILITATED OUR SURVIVAL   What it also birthed was civilization in which evolution wisely saw screaming promise, with its ability to defend against boo coup predators and relieve the necessity of spending glorious amounts of calories to gain piddling amounts of nutrients.  And we have added to our romance with antropy that CIVILIZATION EXISTS TO DEFY ENTROPY AND SUPPORT ANTROPY as well.  The superego birthed itself to enforce civilization’s golden rule book, and is itself entropy defiant yet can fall into the latter’s trap when gating systems fail, detonating its haggard condemnation on an innocent victim who has chosen to engulf a belief, unconscious at it may be, that they are guilty of societal transgression.  Morality is also antropic and promotes the counterpoint to the death instinct adopted eons ago by the kingdom animalia.  Yet we all engage in some interpersonal immorality in deference to the death instinct’s cobalt seduction and as a means of avoiding real crappy invasive wrongdoing, the kind that entropy’s desire drools for.

What happens to the death instinct in schizophrenia?  The collapse of the gating system with its store of potential energy shatters to shards and releases a mother load of stored energy which plays giddily into the hands of entropy.  The latter is also overjoyed at the regression to disorganized thought 1.0, and so the complexification 2.0 won bric a brac by language’s nifty magic is abandoned for brute primitivity.  At the same time the ‘little murders’ of interpersonal immorality are lost and the schizophrenic no longer exhibits this universal trait. The singular reduction of their mentality disallows such a social strategy.  So, in that sense they forsake entropy by becoming more moral, but more than gratify it in the loss of gated property, and in their decidedly blunt disorganization.  In sexual behavior then, they are more passive than aggressive.

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