The Yin Yang Dance of Entropy, Antropy, and the Death Instinct, and the Purpose of Life

By Steven Lesk / April 26, 2024 /

We hold the following truths to be self evident.  THE PURPOSE OF LIFE IS TO DEFY ENTROPY.  In this quest organic matter is assisted by its bitter antagonist antropy.  TIME IS THE BATTLEGROUND BETWEEN ANTROPY AND ENTROPY.  As such the steaming cup of coffee takes time to cool, and the steaming cup of fetus that…

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The Conflict Between Entropy and Antropy Results in Organic Life and Time

By Steven Lesk / April 14, 2024 /

Entropy is the ghoulish ruler of the universe.  Most of the brain dead universe has been withered to gas and dust.  But in the iconic analogy of the steaming cup of java cooling on the kitchen table, or the pumpkin spiced matcha latte, antropy envisioned itself out in the form of the ubiquitous DNA that…

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The Role of Antropy in the Recent Increase in Suicidality in Youth, Wars, Murders and the Climate Crisis

By Steven Lesk / April 2, 2024 /

This drawback from rationality to primary process demarcation gives entropy an opening in which to exert its insipid seduction.  Bipolars, schizophrenics, anxiety disordered patients including obsessive compulsives and depressives all have higher suicide rates than the average beach bum. Schizophrenics are close enough to entropy’s cloak that their voices are even commandeered by the old…

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The Origin and Fate of the Death Instinct and its Relationship to Entropy, Language, Civilization and Schizophrenia

By Steven Lesk / March 26, 2024 /

So, I’ve stated that THE PURPOSE OF LIFE IS TO DEFY ENTROPY.  This is a proclivity for which some trees have a startlingly boffo organization which allows them to hoist acres of wood skyward against gravity, condense potential energy in their pulp which is released on burning, and avoid any necessity to hunt, kill and…

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Excavating the Hidden Artifact of a Mental Illness: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

By Steven Lesk / November 29, 2023 /

Is it possible to view the fossilized structure and cryptic impact of something as convoluted as a mental disorder?  Can we unearth the artifactual structure as plainly as the statues on Freud’s desk?  Let’s look at obsessive compulsive disorder and see if we can dust off some of its more ancient underpinnings. Our assumption is…

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