The Conflict Between Entropy and Antropy Results in Organic Life and Time

Entropy is the ghoulish ruler of the universe.  Most of the brain dead universe has been withered to gas and dust.  But in the iconic analogy of the steaming cup of java cooling on the kitchen table, or the pumpkin spiced matcha latte, antropy envisioned itself out in the form of the ubiquitous DNA that governs the process of cell creation and coalition, maturation and binary division.  One might easily compare DNA to a watch spring, fully wound at birth and gradually ticking to a flaccid unwinding to ultimate dematerialization.  If we may analogize ourselves to the cooling coffee or the unwinding spring, then DNA is the mega potential energy infusion beamed by brother antropy into our doddering cellular souls.  It IS the heat that burnished the jolting java or the winding that coiled the watch spring.  DNA thus is the nut kick to entropy’s savannah, the gut punch to its blistering hegemony.  In this one complex molecule antropy placed all its chips and hit the mega millions, storing in a way all the potential energy that carries the being forward into its precarious life until the bitter end.  Concentrated potential energy, it divests itself to the cells and their combinations of tissues, sinew and bile of the being that is designed to javelin into the timeworn future as to reproduce and carry the genetic endowment even further eons forward.

The complexity of this molecule is what puzzles the average observer, unwilling to concede that chance alone could have fostered its invincible burnish.  The disbursement of base pairs of amino acids along twisted chains of carbon molecules is an unlikely accident, even if bubbling pools of minerals shanked by lightening bolts might have contributed to its stew like the fettered electrodes of doctor Frankenstein UNLESS we concede that antropy is a force in the universe as effervescent as entropy, ready to assert itself in whatever way stumbles across its path.  Thus with the assistance of this heavenly antropic breeze, a molecule such as DNA might be encouraged to formulate itself in the name of entropy’s nemesis.  In short, if the forces that crush the organic universe like the king of all Kongs exists, so does the influencer antropy have a means of claiming rightful significance.  In fact it could well be that without the presence of antropy, the steaming cup of gonzo juice might just cool instantly, instead of waiting its requisite half an hour, giving testament to antropy’s hallowed place in the thermodynamic exigency.  One might then say that TIME IS THE COMPROMISE BETWEEN ANTROPY AND ENTROPY, which is why it is no longer an issue of import in the spacious planetary void other than earth.  Time demonstrates entropy’s piddling annoyance by the fog hat of antropy’s meddling ways.  In the vacuous metropolis of Venus, Saturn and Mars time wields no clout, as the battle between these gargoyle foes has been more than decisively lost by antropy, organic matter no longer a saturation point, and now indubitably whispered into dust by entropy’s insatiable lust.  One could imagine that the other planets have passed through a phase of antropic rebellion, ultimately conceded, and now no longer available for the dance of organicity.  If we excavated deeply enough into Mars’ crust perhaps we would find evidence of same eon’s past fossilized life form that gives credence to the once lively battle between the arch foes, although it could also be that the climatic extremism of such domains prohibits organicity to flourish in any form.  All we know is that entropy and entropy are playing out their titanic rivalry on mother earth at this time and within us all in the form of eros and the death instinct.

Antropy is the standard bearer of life and evolution, having utilized entropy’s propensity for disorder against it in the form of mutations.  Yet those same mutations, later in life often accrue to cancerous invaders that threaten the sanctity and often terminate the wisp of life hiding inside us all giving the nod to entropy in a final victorious howl.  Antropy winds the watch spring of DNA that gradually unfolds during our lives and momma evolution cares not one whit what happens to the sanctity of our bodies once we’ve past the period of reproductivity.  Antropy may in fact help create DNA’s concentrated power in its quest to schnizzle entropy.  It bears its mark in the facet of time, the delay in which a cup cools, and as cooling cups ourselves, the longevity of organic matter’s brief spin on earth.  We are all just a dribble of the conflict between two orgiastic forces, and time a dribbling side effect as we race toward dust and doom.  Our lives give testimony to the ongoing struggle between antropy and entropy, an inevitable fail, and this grandiloquent binomial burnishes within us as the death instinct and the life force, playing out in all sorts of deviated mucks.   

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