The Role of Antropy in the Recent Increase in Suicidality in Youth, Wars, Murders and the Climate Crisis

This drawback from rationality to primary process demarcation gives entropy an opening in which to exert its insipid seduction.  Bipolars, schizophrenics, anxiety disordered patients including obsessive compulsives and depressives all have higher suicide rates than the average beach bum. Schizophrenics are close enough to entropy’s cloak that their voices are even commandeered by the old ghoul to command them to harm themselves in a dire echoing of morbid entreaty.  So, closeness to the entropic velvet is a suicidal inducement that has clobbering power, and the minds of the mentally ill are in greater proximity to the entropic sawdust than the average beings which have spent the last fifty thousand years distancing themselves from this gravitational monarch.

When animals branched off from plants, as I have asserted, they humbly accepted the assignment of killing machines which the floral universe, in its inordinate passivity and self containment, held no patience for.  Thus we inhaled the machinery of the death instinct within us the potash of entropy’s bargain with evolution.  In spite of this, there is another facet to our souls, another window of opportunity, which Freud called Eros or the life instinct.  This is the instinct that drives us inexorably together in search of procreation and so jettisoning our genetic blueprints out into the future.  And if the death instinct is aligned with entropy, the life instinct, eros, procreative ardor with its haunting sexuality inevitably follows the path of antropy.  But antropy signifies much more, the outlandish defeat by mama evolution of entropy’s morbid desires.  In a clever feat of legerdemain, evolution’s conniption tricked the old sour ball by using its own tendencies against it in the modus of mutations that are part and parcel of entropy’s lust for disorder within the very molecule of life, DNA.  And, as such, evolution was able to defeat entropy over megalithic time periods.  Thus, EVOLUTION PLUS TIME EQUALS ANTROPY.  And we know that once one hitches one’s star to that skyrocket of time, things progress handily.  And handily they did, ultimately resulting in the killing/procreating machines that were vertebrates, then mammals and eventually Homo sapiens.  In this minutely rare habitat, including a moon that circles the earth face forward, electromagnetic symphonies, gravitational exigencies, basking energic sunlight and much much more, antropy was able to flourish into the golden blue ball we now label earth.  A combo of temperature, mineral baths, lightening bolts and a small dollop of wizardry pressure cooked the DNA that gave rise to it all, and perhaps is still forming in some spots on mother earth currently.  This antropic molecule, which tricks entropy by turning its ardor for disorder against it, unless it was planted here by aliens chuckling away at a nifty practical joke, arose in an antropic revery within the paradigms of exponential specificity in our earthly habitat.  The rest of the universe, as far as we have been able to tell, and we have done much looking through telescopes and other means of identifying cryptic alien messages, have detected no other dust ball like earth making antropy’s appearance a rare feat indeed.  Like the most delicate of souffles, antropy can only flourish in the midst of exacting environmental requisite details.

At this moment the earth appears to be wallowing in a spout of entropic sizzle.  Antropy appears to have taken a wimpish back seat and is not exerting the domesticated drivel of a bustling life instinct.  Ongoing devastating wars seem sedately unstoppable, suicide rates climb especially among youth, the lust for procreation itself may be waning.  Nevertheless the population has recently hit eight billion, indicative of antropy’s ongoing ardor.  Could it be that, detecting a shift in its exacting habitat requirements, antropy is reeling from a patently more inhospitable inhale of earthly delights, and as such has lost some its lustiness, like Super Man in a slow elevator loaded with kryptonite.  Let us hope the floor is reached, and the door opens soon, letting our superhero free to victorious glory once again.

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