The Yin Yang Dance of Entropy, Antropy, and the Death Instinct, and the Purpose of Life

We hold the following truths to be self evident.  THE PURPOSE OF LIFE IS TO DEFY ENTROPY.  In this quest organic matter is assisted by its bitter antagonist antropy.  TIME IS THE BATTLEGROUND BETWEEN ANTROPY AND ENTROPY.  As such the steaming cup of coffee takes time to cool, and the steaming cup of fetus that we all bloom from is cooling just as certainly in a configurative momentum set in place by DNA.  THE HEAT USED TO WARM THE CUP OF ORGANIC MATTER COFFEE IS DNA.  The comparison between the base pair code of DNA and digitization is quite apt, both using an ordering of symbols, in the case of all things digital pluses and minuses, to dictate a prescriptive result.  The bricky menagerie of elements that go into forming DNA are given an assist by antropy as was the birth of the very first cell… LUCA.  DNA is an intensely antropic twisted ladder of a molecule in which all the elements of our sizzle are stuffed.  We splurk out of the womb like a binge eating torpedo and unfold as the ticking begins.  It is antropy that winds the watch spring of our dissimulation.  LANGUAGE BIRTHED CONSCIOUS THOUGHT THAT HELPS US DEFY ENTROPY.  The basic mechanism for this is dopamine suppression in the tracts previously unavailable for this feat of legerdemain.  Oozing from dopamine suppression like snuggling pig’s feet are ego intensification with an increased sense of autonoetic identity, transition to 2.0 modern adult thinking with an embrace of the reality principle, brain expansion with neuronal fertilizers like BDNF, and a beefed up hydraulic for gating out the unwanted from our mental theater.  LANGUAGE BIRTHED CIVILIZATION.  THE PURPOSE OF CIVILIZATION IS TO DEFY ENTROPY.  But civilization came with a list of demands, one of which was to fluffily downplay our inner death instinct.  ENTROPY IS IN ALL ANIMALS AS THE DEATH INSTINCT, ANTROPY AS THE LIFE INSTINCT OR EROS.  Those hirsute and megalithic volcanoes are in constant battle and may ultimately determine the iffy fate of organic matter.  It is more than possible that the other planets have been through this cavalier combat with the result an obvious but unfortunate nod to entropy turning all in its gruesome path to dirt and crater.  We may be envisioning an entropic surge lately with ongoing wars, mushrooming suicide rates, elevating chaos, political gridlock and even a reticence to engage in evolution’s highest mandate, reproduction, itself.  Global warming may be playing its pricey role in all of this.  THE KEY TO PROLONGING OUR LIVES IS IN DEFYING ENTROPY MAXIMALLY AS SOME TREES DO.  This might require some form of protein stabilization to retard the degradation of those building blocks brake-wise into time.  Ingestion of antioxidants also is helpful.  But our primary mode of entropic defiance, conscious thought, can be maximized as we head into an uncertain future, dehiscing somewhat our propensity for physicality.  While physicality does suppress dopamine on some level, it is far less efficient than conscious reasoning.  We’ve jogged front the jungle to the disco with our newly dusted brains and modus of contemplation, since cavemen were nothing but physical/experiential beings.  They also clobbered off in grim toothed destruction by the growling herd of drooling hyenas that surrounded them with their puny, half hearted flint tipped spears.

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  1. Ian on May 29, 2024 at 3:52 am

    If anybody asks me my world-view, I might just send them this until I get my own website up and running. I can strongly recommend the book “Entropy and Creativity: A Dialectical Approach” by Nikola Kajtez. It’s what launched me into this way of perceiving reality and I haven’t looked back since. The most controversial thing I’ve concluded myself recently is that the universe can really just look this 1 way, as qualities seem so clearly defined with no room to take out any of the puzzle pieces and fitting something else in. The same, I think, goes for the shape of humans. I think the human form is the 1 way the universe can produce consciousness, using just about the same cosmological and geological conditions. I even believe the size of the moon in relation to the distance to and size of the sun is fundamental to the conditions for consciousness forming, the eclipse being the universe winking at us.

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